Photo Discover the portrait of a passionate man about Internet and Video Games

Discover the portrait of a passionate man about Internet and Video Games

Discover the portrait of a passionate man about Internet and Video Games

In 1972, video games already existed and the best known was the one named Pong. Stephane Portha began to play whe he was only six years of age and enjoyed it. This game allowed him to reveal his passion for video games. Thanks to this, he decided to live from his passion and continue in this way.

Moreover, he tried several approaches still about video games and discovered another passion; that of information in every sense of the network through Minitel, that French information exchange network.

At the age of fourteen, he demonstrated his expertise by developing his very first invention: the video game named Tank. Its design was completed thanks to the old machines of that time, the Sharp PC-1211, and the machines ZX81.

Characteristics of his first masterpiece

Despite the creator's young age, Tank was a real success with the French gamers. By this means, he found out the way to combine his two passions. His action game accessible to all and intended primarily for a multi-player mode has indeed been a growing success day after day. Among the features that made the game famous at the time were:

  •  A type of personal shooting game
  •  A possibility to choose the strategy in real time
  •  A role-play and simulation
  •  An option for beginners
  •  A possibility to change accessories and extensions
  •  A contemporary style design
  •  Quality graphics close to reality

His brilliant idea to integrate the entrepreneurial logic in the digital domain

He quickly discovered that if he wanted a more open and free digital industry experience, he had to integrate entrepreneurship to his business. To do this, Stephane Portha has done several research and built his own video game production company in 1989, the company called Eurocenter.

At the same time, he became deputy director of companies working in the digital domain, to control the entire chain of video game and information networks development. Then, a few years later, the GraalOnline was born and was a huge success.

It was the number one multiplayer game ever. He continued to expand his experience and develop his skills by working for several companies. And the GraalOnline game offered various versions which are as entertaining and captivating.

GraalOnline and its multiple versions

As the game GraalOnline was very popular, Stephane Portha has quickly proposed multiple versions as entertaining and interesting. Other versions came after the others in order for more fun and more possibilities. Players of digital multiplayer games can find these other versions including:

  •  GraalOnline Zone: the first and new version of GraalOnline available on the two most popular platforms: iOS and Android
  •  Graalonline classical +: a version framed in the creation of one's own medieval kingdom
  •  Graalonline zone +: a version focusing on traditional space game
  •  Era +: a version oriented in a modern world of multiple players building their own criminal empires. Aged 49 today, the video game leader is still innovating, and continues to inspire future generations.


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